I 1. [li:d] past tense, past participle - led; verb
1) (to guide or direct or cause to go in a certain direction: Follow my car and I'll lead you to the motorway; She took the child by the hand and led him across the road; He was leading the horse into the stable; The sound of hammering led us to the garage; You led us to believe that we would be paid!) levar
2) (to go or carry to a particular place or along a particular course: A small path leads through the woods.) conduzir
3) ((with to) to cause or bring about a certain situation or state of affairs: The heavy rain led to serious floods.) dar origem
4) (to be first (in): An official car led the procession; He is still leading in the competition.) ir à frente
5) (to live (a certain kind of life): She leads a pleasant existence on a Greek island.) levar
2. noun
1) (the front place or position: He has taken over the lead in the race.) liderança
2) (the state of being first: We have a lead over the rest of the world in this kind of research.) liderança
3) (the act of leading: We all followed his lead.) chefia
4) (the amount by which one is ahead of others: He has a lead of twenty metres (over the man in second place).) vantagem
5) (a leather strap or chain for leading a dog etc: All dogs must be kept on a lead.) trela
6) (a piece of information which will help to solve a mystery etc: The police have several leads concerning the identity of the thief.) pista
7) (a leading part in a play etc: Who plays the lead in that film?) papel principal
- leadership
- lead on
- lead up the garden path
- lead up to
- lead the way
II [led] noun
1) ((also adjective) (of) an element, a soft, heavy, bluish-grey metal: lead pipes; Are these pipes made of lead or copper?) chumbo
2) (the part of a pencil that leaves a mark: The lead of my pencil has broken.) bico
* * *
[led] n 1 chumbo. 2 grafita. 3 sonda, prumo. 4 chapa para cobrir telhados. 5 bala de arma de fogo. • vt 1 cobrir, moldar, prender, etc. com chumbo. 2 Typogr prover com entrelinhas. • adj de chumbo. black lead grafita. red lead zarcão. to swing the lead coll dizer-se doente para escapar ao serviço. white lead alvaiade.
[li:d] n 1 conduta, guia. 2 precedência. 3 direção, comando, liderança, primeiro lugar. 4 vanguarda. 5 exemplo, precedente. 6 orientação, indicação, pista, indício. 7 mão (nos jogos de cartas). 8 passagem através do gelo. 9 curso de água artificial. 10 correia para amarrar cachorro. 11 cabo condutor. 12 Theat papel principal. 13 Theat ator principal. 14 Box golpe. 15 trecho introdutório de um artigo de jornal. • vt+vi (ps and pp led) 1 ser o primeiro a encabeçar. 2 conduzir, guiar. 3 dirigir, comandar. 4 preceder. 5 persuadir, induzir, liderar, orientar. 6 jogar de mão (cartas). 7 reger (orquestra). 8 levar, passar (a vida). a lead of uma dianteira (em corrida). to have the lead ser o líder. to lead a healthy life levar uma vida saudável. to lead astray desviar, desencaminhar. to lead away conduzir, levar. to lead captive aprisionar, prender. to lead off dar início, começar. to lead on arrastar, seduzir, influenciar. to lead the way preceder, mostrar o caminho. to lead up to a) conduzir a conversação para determinado assunto. b) conduzir em direção a. c) aplanar o caminho. to take the lead a) assumir o comando. b) tomar a iniciativa.

English-Portuguese dictionary. 2013.

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